What to Consider When Purchasing a Rural Property in Cumberland County Pennsylvania

What to Consider When Purchasing a Rural Property in Cumberland County PennsylvaniaCentral Pennsylvania and Cumberland County have some of the most amazing properties including many rural properties on plenty of land from lifestyle homes to small farms and ranches. Living a life separated from the big city has become romantic, especially in the last three years but finding the right property can be challenging and if you have never lived further outside of town there are some things to consider about a rural lifestyle before purchasing a home.

More and more central PA homebuyers, and homebuyers across the country for that matter, are finding ditching the city or even the suburbs for the rural life with plenty of land and amazing natural settings as far as the eye can see to be a dream lifestyle. This lifestyle can be a dream but if you are trading modern amenities for natural surroundings there are some things you want to consider first.

How Rural You Really Want to Live

There are varying levels of homes further removed from modern amenities in central Pennsylvania. Some people have an idea of living far enough away from everyone and everything that they can't see any other homes. Some people prefer a home on a larger lot of land than they would find in suburbia where they are far enough away from neighbors to not hear anything but can still see them and maybe be in town within 15 or so minutes.

The idea of being far removed from society (especially as you find people with more and more things to fight about on social media) is romantic but that romance can wear off quickly when you move into your dream home and need to drive a half-hour or more to the grocery store and other modern conveniences several times in a week.

It is good for a central Pennsylvania home buyer looking for a home with plenty of land to consider and be realistic about their lifestyle needs and self-dependency and how far they want to live from services they utilize.

Weather, Nature, and Local Wildlife

Beyond just seeing that the land around the home you are considering is beautiful you want to make sure you know what to expect from that land throughout the year. Check into yearly weather plans including the possibility of seasonal flooding and other issues on the land you are considering purchasing. If you also want to be aware of the local wildlife and what type of animal visitors you can expect on your property at certain times of the year and what sort of "damage" they might cause with their normal living in migratory habits. This information is both good for safety reasons and to help you be knowledgeable of what type of maintenance you should expect with the land.

The Utilities Situation

Just because there is a home structure on the property does not mean that it is fully functioning like a livable home. Some rural properties are off-grid. Some live on well water and septic tanks which is a new learning curve for anyone used to living on municipal water and sewer services. You want to make sure that you are aware of the utility types for the property and that the system and great working order.

You also want to make sure you are aware of what living with a different type of utility system looks like. For example, on well water when the electricity goes out you will no longer have running water through your home in most scenarios. Learning all that you can about the different functioning operations compared to the typical suburbia or city house is ideal before purchasing a rural home.

Zoning Laws

You are buying land and plenty of it so now you can do whatever you want with it, right? This is a common mistake assumption of money first-time land buyers. Just because you purchased the property and the title is in your name does not necessarily mean you can go about changing and developing it however you feel.There are zoning laws for every property. If you have plans to put up a barn or a horse stable for example in the future or maybe even become an egg farmer you want to make sure that the home and land you are purchasing will allow you to do those things.

Whether you're looking for a home on 5 acres or 100 acres it is always good to be as knowledgeable about the process as possible. There are many amazing homes in Cumberland County and throughout central Pennsylvania on large lots of land.

If you are looking for a home with land a bit further move removed from densely populated areas contact me. I am here to help you find your dream Central Pennsylvania home. I am happy to help with all of your central Pennsylvania real estate needs.

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