What is it Like to Live in Mechanicsburg PA?

What is it Like to Live in Mechanicsburg PA?If you are considering a move to central Pennsylvania and are researching different areas to live you may have come across Mechanicsburg. What is Mechanicsburg like? What is the real estate like? What is located in Mechanicsburg? We have compiled a short overview of living in Mechanicsburg to help you get a feel for the area and help you relocate to central Pennsylvania.

What is it like to live in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania?

Downtown Mechanicsburg/Main Street

The downtown hub of Mechanicsburg is located along Main Street. Main Street is full of interesting and beautiful historic architecture. There are some homes in this very walkable location of Mechanicsburg they are mostly in the form of historic row homes. These homes are between 150 and 200 years old.

There is so much impressive architecture and history to observe on Main Street. Nestled right alongside homes is the oldest building in Mechanicsburg the Frankenberger Tavern which was built in 1801. The historic real homes have been lovingly preserved and updated for today's living styles and the average price is a fairly affordable $200,000 range. The row houses downtown are highly desirable and sell fairly quickly.

Gingerbread Man is a long-standing business of Main Street located here for over 50 years. There are two other locations of this beloved local business one in Harrisburg and one in Carlisle another great borough of central Pennsylvania. The building is newly renovated after a fire and there's an addition of luxury apartments over the storefront which are incredibly convenient and walkable. You get to live over one of the most beloved restaurants in central Pennsylvania.

Mechanicsburg's Arcona Neighborhood

Arcona is another popular area of Mechanicsburg with its own main street style hub that includes an ice cream shop, fitness center, hair salon, art galleries, cafés, and restaurants including the popular restaurant Thea, and much more. Arcona is one of the newly developed areas of Mechanicsburg is only about six years old previously everything in the area was underutilized farmland.

The Arcona area is popular with retirees and young families as well as a sprinkling of homebuyers in between. The area provides a great collection and a variety of real estate properties including townhomes, stylish carriage homes, and single-family properties. The price range of Arcana homes in 2023/2024 is between $300,000 and $500,000.

The Walden Neighborhood

Walden is another newer and popular neighborhood in the Mechanicsburg area with its town center style hub and newer construction homes. The neighborhood is officially within the boundaries of the Silver Springs Township but is considered part of greater Mechanicsburg. The town center hub includes a fitness center, a coffee shop, a Collection of restaurants, a hair salon, and more. It was developed and constructed by the same company responsible for the Arconia development on the opposite side of Mechanicsburg. The Homeslice Pizzeria is a popular spot in Walden's town center commercial hub.

Walden is beautiful with a great variety of home styles and very walkable tree-lined street,s and spacious sidewalks. The community also offers townhomes, carriage homes, and very spacious single-family homes.

West Mechanicsburg

The homes in West Mechanicsburg are highly desirable and come at the top end of the price range for real estate in Mechanicsburg. You can find homes right along the Conodoguinet Creek which makes the area even more desirable as there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the quiet neighborhood with tree-lined sidewalks and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water and outdoor recreation. Homes in this area are officially in the Hampden Township but are still considered the greater Mechanicsburg area.

Braeburn Estates

This highly desirable neighborhood of luxury properties is in Upper Allen Township but within the boundaries of the Mechanicsburg School District which is highly desirable so we thought we would include it in our Mechanicsburg overview. These large estate sale homes are impressive with their modern/tutor-style architecture and their sprawling lot sizes.

Pinehurst Neighborhood

This is one of the most notable luxury neighborhoods in the Mechanicsburg area for its premier properties. Homes in Pinehurst start at around $1 million. Though the neighborhood is well-known it is located in a very quiet and picturesque area of Mechanicsburg. Homes are large and impressive many offer very large floorplans and impressive yards. The surrounding areas of the neighborhood are lush and green and full of trees making you feel like you are in a secluded nature reserve tucked into the area.

This is a small snapshot of the real estate, neighborhoods, and favorite businesses all around Mechanicsburg and the surrounding areas of Mechanicsburg considered to be part of Mechanicsburg. If you are interested in finding available real estate in any of these areas or more information about living in Mechanicsburg please contact me anytime. I am here to help you find a central Pennsylvania home you will love in an area that fits you. Contact me anytime with any central Pennsylvania real estate needs.

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