Relocating to Central PA During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner in Central Pennsylvania. The holidays can bring a busy schedule and sometimes some feelings of stress or anxiety in all that needs to be done. If you are planning a move during this time you may be wondering how you are going to accomplish it all. 

Whether you are moving from one borough to another, or across the country into Central Pennsylvania, here are some moving tips to help make the task ahead a bit easier. 

Start Your Plans NowRelocating to Central PA During the Holidays

Begin your moving plans as early as possible. The sooner the better. Moving is a large task and in some ways larger than you may realize. The more time you have to plan out what needs to get done the less overwhelming it will be and the less likely you are to feel rushed and forget something important. 

Start with a list of the obvious things you know you need to accomplish and then add in the smaller details of what specific tasks it will require to accomplish those first listed things. For example, putting stuff in boxes goes on the list and then getting boxes from somewhere along with packing tape and bubble wrap.

As soon as you have a solid moving date you will want to contact the moving company if you are hiring professionals or planning to rent a truck to get your items from place to place.


Try to pick a time of day when you are not on the road during peak traffic times in the holiday season. This will only add to the stress. If you are moving with your family including kids try to make the journey as cheerful and celebratory as possible. This is especially helpful if you are relocating from far away. Making the transition to a whole new part of the world can be scary for everyone. It can be comforting to find ways to celebrate the holidays while you are on the road to your new Central PA home.  

Arriving in Your New Home

When you have arrived at your new Central PA home, don't quickly get overwhelmed with setting up shop and miss out on all the fun festivities there are to enjoy in your new home town. You have taken a large chunk of time to get everything where it needs to be so plan some time to get to know your new neighborhood. Find a fun holiday event in the area and take some time to enjoy it. The boxes will be there to unpack and you can do that after you have taken just a little bit of time to get out and have fun and start falling in love with Central PA. 

Think About Keeping Plans Simple

When you get to your new home you might have goals of getting the entire home set up in a short time so that you can get to celebrating all of your favorite holiday traditions in your new home. Don't put too much pressure on yourself with large timeline goals to get things done. Consider scaling back and doing a portion of your annual activities at home. Choose the traditions that truly mean something and maybe pick the top 5 favorites of yours and everyone else involved in the move. 

Keeping things simple and having a preset plan that things will stay simple is a great way to help keep things from becoming overwhelming and too stressful and have the potential of you resenting your new home. 

Contact Loved Ones

If you have moved a considerable distance from everyone you know and love make sure that you find ways to stay in touch with everyone you are used to spending time with at this time of year. The nice thing is that staying connected has never been easier with video calls and text messaging, and watch parties through streaming, etc. Make sure to take some time to connect with your favorite people to help you feel more grounded. 

If you are looking for a home in the Central Pennsylvania area please contact me. I am here to help you find the area of Central PA that best fits your lifestyle preferences and a home you will love. I am dedicated to helping take the stress out of homebuying and finding you a home in Central PA. Contact me any time for all your Central PA real estate needs. 

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