Outdoor Features that Draw Buyer Attention in Central PA Homes

Outdoor Features that Draw Buyer Attention in Central PA HomesSpring is peak real estate season in central PA and around the country. More buyers enter the market hoping to find a new home within a timeframe that would enable them to find a central PA home, move, and get settled into their new neighborhood before the busy season of fall comes. 

As buyers are shopping for homes they will be paying attention to the outdoor spaces of your home as much as the indoor ones. Outdoor spaces continue to grow in popularity and desirability. There are some popular features that are particularly desirable to a majority of homebuyers. With time what a buyer is looking for in a home can change. Currently, buyers are searching for homes with outdoor spaces that are well kept, easy to maintain, and offer a luxurious feeling amenity or two. 

Outdoor Features that Grab Buyer Attention

Outdoor Living Space

A space that feels like an extension of your home is on the top of buyer priority lists. Staging a patio or deck with comfortable furniture and an outdoor dining space helps to show a buyer that the space can be used as another room. A space to entertain or relax while enjoying fresh air and the beauty of a well-landscaped yard. 

This is especially beneficial if the property has a smaller yard. Instead of focusing on the size of the yard, which tends to get smaller, the newer the home is, focusing on the use of the yard can sell a home. 

Flex Space

As yards have smaller square footage and buyers don't want to sacrifice entertaining and usable space, flex space has grown in popularity. A flex space is a space that has the flexibility to be used for more than one purpose. Like a green space that can be used for lawn games, but is also visually appealing. Or a patio with lightweight furniture that can be easily moved for a child's party. Or a screened-in porch area that provides shade and a roof to extend usability in inclement weather. 

All-Weather Landscaping

Home buyers want a space that is nicely landscaped and beautiful, but they also don't want their yard to demand too much time and attention to maintain. Buyers want to have a gorgeous yard without having to spend time they don't have to keep it that way or to spend a large sum of money to have someone maintain it. Landscaping that is easy to maintain and can stand up in all weather is a huge asset. 

Outdoor Kitchens

The ability to cook a meal outside and enjoy great weather is one of the highlights of summer. Buyers are looking for more than just a place to set up a high-end barbeque. They want outdoor kitchen spaces. An area that can essentially function like a kitchen on its own. Counter space for prepping and serving food, a high-end grill set into the counter, A bar seating area, and a sink. The most luxurious of outdoor kitchens might even include a small drink cooler or area to place a keg. 

Pickleball Courts

Pickleball has quickly become one of the most popular sports in the country. So big, pickleball clubs and tournaments are popping up everywhere. There is even a professional pickleball circuit. With the rapid popularity of the sport, home buyers are looking to find enough space to incorporate a court. A home that already has the perfect space or has a pickleball setup already is even better. 

There are many things you can do with your home's outdoor space to grab a buyer's attention. Sometimes it's as simple as cleaning up the landscaping and staging an outdoor living area. 

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