Odd Things That can Increase Home Value in a Central PA Home

Odd  Things That can Increase Home Value in a Central PA HomeIf you are a homeowner in central Pennsylvania considering the sale of a home you are probably wondering what you can do to increase your home's property value and be able to list it for the highest price possible.

When it comes to home value several attributes never change that factor into the fair market value but some interesting and sometimes weird characteristics can bump the value of your home just a little bit higher.

Weird attributes that can increase property value

A nearby favorite coffee shop

Numbers have shown that the addition of a popular local coffee shop within a given year increased neighborhood home prices by 0.5%. The specific research showed that the addition of Starbucks boosted property values in the surrounding neighborhood of the new Starbucks location. Having a popular place to grab a cup of coffee that people love within a few minutes from your home can make a home more appealing and desirable and this is what contributes to the increase in property value.

The condition of the neighbor's yard

Curb appeal is a huge factor in the desirability of a home. If your home does not look great when a buyer approaches it they often already form an opinion before going inside about whether they want to make an offer. Likewise, the neighboring properties can have a huge impact on the perceived curb appeal of a home and the quality of the neighborhood and cultural atmosphere around the home. If a neighbor is not taking care of their landscaping it is a big turn-off to buyers and can negatively impact the value of a home.

The appeal of the front door

Several studies have been conducted on the impact of curb appeal on a home. Recently some research has been shared about the major role your front door plays in curb appeal. And even new and interesting research has found that the color of a front door can play a large role in a property's curb appeal and desirability. Recently it was shared that homes with black front doors have been seen as highly desirable. So much so that homes with black doors have been said to sell for $6000 more.

Loose door knobs and hinges

Speaking of the doors in your home if the door is not in great working condition it can be a huge turn-off as well. Making sure that items like the door knobs and hinges are tightened up and in good working condition helps to communicate that the home is in good condition. It may not seem like these small things can impact a home but it can instantly communicate to buyers that the home has been neglected and it is in poor condition which can negatively impact the value of your home.

Homes with tree houses

This may not seem like something that homebuyers are seeking out, and something that makes a huge impact on the desirability of a home. According to research shared from Zillow homes that had a treehouse sold for 2.2% more than expected. A treehouse is seen as a bonus to families with young children.

If a potential central Pennsylvania homeowner has their kids with them when looking at a house their kids can get excited about the treehouse and this can help to increase a buyer's excitement about a property. Moving can be stressful for kids and what parent doesn't want their kid to be excited about the new home they move to? Oddly enough the presence of a treehouse can sell a home for a bit more money.

Though all these surprising attributes can increase or decrease the selling price of a home a homeowner should not worry about every minor detail of their property in trying to increase their home value. The best way to get the best sell price for your home is to work with a local trusted real estate agent. They can help you to get your home ready to show to potential buyers and market it well for the largest amount of homebuyers looking for what your home has to offer.

If you are considering selling your central Pennsylvania home I can help. I am here to offer my expertise in marketing and listing your home to get it sold for the best price possible and within a quicker time frame. Contact me anytime for any central Pennsylvania real estate needs.

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