Making the Decision to Move to Camp Hill PA

Making the Decision to Move to Camp Hill PAIf you are considering a move to Camp Hill Pennsylvania and do not know much about the area you are probably looking to learn more about what it is like to live in Camp Hill. You probably want to know all of the popular reasons for moving to Camp Hill as well as what some people may see as drawbacks.

Looking at the pros and cons of moving to Camp Hill Pennsylvania

Reasons people move to Camp Hill/pros of living in Camp Hill

The location is great

Camp Hill is a smaller area by population but is within five minutes of Pennsylvania's capital city Harrisburg and just five minutes outside of neighboring areas like Mechanicsburg. There's quick and easy access to the major roadways including Highway 81 and Highway 83. 

You are within just a few minutes of Carlisle Pike which has several modern amenities including major shopping hubs and the Capital Mall. In addition to all of the major national retailers, you have the charm of Market Street which goes right through the actual Borough of Camp Hill. Here you will find several favorite local businesses and restaurants.

The public education system

Camp Hill has some of the best public schools in central Pennsylvania and it is well known. Many young families love living in Camp Hill not just for the atmosphere but for the educational opportunities afforded to them through the public school system and beyond.

The website is a highly trusted and highly utilized ranking website for locations and learning about what they have to offer. The website rates Camp Hill schools with an A-rating which is the highest possible and also lists it as the top two school district in Cumberland County.

Gorgeous parks

Not only is there plenty to do with modern amenities and indoor activities you can also get outside and enjoy the beauty of central Pennsylvania in the many amazing public parks that Camp Hill has to offer. Some of the most popular outdoor spaces include Negley Park with a view of the river, Siebert Park is popular with young families for its play structure splash pad and community pool, and Willow Park with its lush green spaces and trails winding through the unspoiled nature.

The community culture

Not only are the people friendly in Camp Hill and the scenery pleasant but the local government takes many strides to provide activities to bring the community together. People get in on local festivals and events and have pride in the community here. This makes the community-driven culture one of the reasons that Camp Hill is one of the most popular places to be in central Pennsylvania.

The not-so-popular aspects or cons of Camp Hill

No location is perfect and we want to be giving an honest snapshot of what it is like to live in Camp Hill if we didn't talk about all sides of living in Camp Hill. Though it is hard to find drawbacks to living here there are a few that some may consider as such.

Cost of living

Because of all Camp Hill has to offer the cost of living is a bit higher. The median home price is higher than other central Pennsylvania locations as is the property taxes. Some find this a worthy trade-off for the atmosphere, better schools, and better safety ratings.


At certain times of the day, some of the roadways in Camp Hill can get quite busy. One of these particularly busy spots is the Camp Hill Bypass. This is where major roadways 11 and 15 meet. If you are also able to access the ramps for the 81 and the 83 not far from the spot.

Job Opportunity

Being that Camp Hill is quiet and mostly small businesses within the limits many people commute out to work for larger more career-driven jobs at bigger companies. The commute is not long as there are offerings at nearby medical facilities and within the capital city of Harrisburg. But this does account for some of the traffic as people commute out to work.

It's quiet at night

Camp Hill is full of community and small businesses but when it comes to nighttime activities there is less readily available. This is not necessarily a huge downside to living here though as you're only five minutes outside of Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg. There are several great activities with high energy not far from Camp Hill but they are not right inside Camp Hill.

As you can see there are several great reasons to move to Camp Hill and a few things that some people may consider drawbacks that are not huge at all. If you would like to start looking for a Camp Hill home I am ready to help. Contact me anytime with any central Pennsylvania real estate needs.

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