How Colors Can Impact the Sale of a Central PA Home

How Colors Can Impact the Sale of a Central PA HomePeople say that color has an impact on selling your home but, not many people realize that it can play a powerful role in provoking a reaction when you are marketing real estate for sale. In reality, a sale begins with a buyer's reaction to a property.

Many color studies were conducted and predictions were made about what colors actually help to sell homes and what ones can send buyers running out the door. Several companies have conducted their own research from magazine publications like Architectural Digest to real estate giants like the National Association of Realtors or Zillow. Everyone has their own opinion on what color is best to paint a home in certain situations.

The Study of Color Theory – How Color Impacts Perception and Mood

There are varying different aspects of studying color and how it impacts our moods and perceptions of things. Color is the bending of light as we receive it in our eyes. If you consider a pitch black room really all you are seeing is the color black which is said to be the absence of all color because there is no light reflecting different hues throughout the room. Going back to elementary school when you stuck a prism up in the sunlight and saw it bend a rainbow of colors onto the wall we studied Sir Isaac Newton's color theory

The basis of color theory study is discovering that white light is actually composed of seven different colors that make up the rainbow. Those colors are further broken down into primary colors and secondary colors. Primary colors are those that cannot be mixed from other colors. All secondary colors are those derived from mixing primary colors. As colors are blended and mixed more and more new colors evolve and new shades of those colors are discernible to the human eye.

Studies have shown that color can invoke several different things in human beings, especially emotion. Sometimes we use color to describe feelings like black-and-white to convey something as clear as day or green with envy. Color really does play a much bigger role than we often realize. For example, seeing a lush green forest makes us feel calm and relaxed while seeing a brown desert-like atmosphere can make us feel tired.

Why developers often choose an off-white color when building homes

A majority of the time you'll find new construction homes painted on the inside in various shades of off-white. This seems boring when you talk about it but there is a reason behind this tried and true strategy. Color is personal and each person has their own feelings and thoughts toward different colors. This is why there is an all-too-often-asked question. "what is your favorite color?" While someone may love the color yellow other people may be instantly turned off or annoyed by it, for example. Working with various colors can be a very tricky and painstaking process. Especially when trying to sell a home to every type of buyer looking for one.

White is proved as a shade of a clean blank canvas to almost everyone. It is the expected color and in all actuality the presence of every single color when going back to Newton's color theory. It is neutral and seen as a basic starting point for almost everyone. After all, paper is white so when we create artwork in school we always think of a blank canvas as being white. This allows a buyer to see a home as something they can change and make their own.

What color should you paint your home?

When it comes to choosing a color for your home it really depends on the purpose behind choosing a new color. Are you just starting out in your new home? Then choose any color you want as long as you don't mind changing it later if you decide to sell. Are you planning on listing your home for sale? Then you will want to choose a color that is neutral and thought of as something that will work with anything by a majority of people. What someone sees as color really boils down to the effect the lighting has in a room and how things are brought in by the eye and perceived by the brain. It is quite literally a personal preference and reaction. This is why it is always advised to stick with neutral colors when painting your home and getting it ready to sell.

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