Harrisburg is One of America's Best Places to Retire

Harrisburg is One of America's Best Places to RetireHarrisburg is Pennsylvania's capital city located almost smack in the middle of the state. It has been named to the US News list of Best Places to Retire in America for 2024. In fact, it is not only on the list it is right at the top in the number one spot on the list. Last year it was number two on the list and this year it has jumped to the number one spot.

What earns a spot on the best places to retire list? The analysis of the news outlet's best-of list consists of the cost of living, taxes for retirees, desirability, overall happiness of the residents, quality healthcare offerings, and the local job market. There are other factors that come into play when people are choosing a place to retire and US News uses metrics that can help to contribute to the quality of life in their rankings. The ranking compares the 150 most populous metro areas in the country.

Harrisburg attributes that led to its number-one ranking

The availability of healthcare

The top-rated hospital near Harrisburg Pennsylvania is also on the US news list of best hospitals. This hospital is Penn State Health Milton S Hershey Medical Center. It is nationally recognized for its orthopedics and neurology programs as well as its neurosurgery department. While the hospital is not located in Harrisburg itself it is just a short distance from Harrisburg and located in Hershey Pennsylvania.

One medical facility that is located within Harrisburg is UPMC Harrisburg. This healthcare facility is highly ranked and has a high performance in five adult specialties one of them being geriatrics. Harrisburg is also within a short distance from other larger metropolitan areas that include Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. This means that anyone needing extensive specialized care from hospitals in large cities can easily access them within a few hours from home.

Overall mood and satisfaction of the residents

Harrisburg has been found to have active adults who have plenty of offerings for spending their newly found time away from work. Harrisburg has several sports teams to spectate including both college and semi-pro. There is the possibility for continuing brain development with offerings through community and the activities offered at Penn State University – Harrisburg. There is plenty of culture through museums and performing arts there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy and so much more. There is a lot for Harrisburg retirees to get involved in and lead a happy and active lifestyle.

Low taxes for retirees

Pennsylvania has a tax friendliness especially where retired citizens are concerned. This allows retirees in Harrisburg to live more comfortably and get more for their money. The state of Pennsylvania does not tax Social Security benefits it also does not tax pension distributions or retired military pay. IRA withdrawals and 401(k) distributions received after the age of 59.5 R are most often exempt from state income taxes.

If a retiree plans to take on a part-time or a seasonal job the state has a flat rate income tax of 3.07%. This is much lower than many areas surrounding Harrisburg and contributes to retirees retaining more of their income for themselves.

If you are looking for an ideal destination to retire then check out Harrisburg. For more information on why it made the top of the list of best places to retire in the country, you can check out the original news article written by US News. Not only is Harrisburg great but there are several smaller areas including the amazing boroughs and townships just across the river in Cumberland County Pennsylvania.

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