Getting the Best Price Possible for Your Central PA Home

Getting the Best Price Possible for Your Central PA HomeWhen you are getting ready to sell your central Pennsylvania home, your main focus is making sure you make as much money off the sale as possible. 

Three Tips to Get Top Dollar From the Sale of Your Central PA Home

Get Your Home Ready to Be Seen

In the same way that you would prepare your car or anything else that you might want to sell to someone, you should prepare your home. If you had a used jogging stroller for example that you wanted to sell and it was a bit dirty from sitting in storage and had some remnants of kid snacks in the tray, you would clean it up. You might grab some cleaning wipes and wipe out the tray. You would probably unfold it and take it for a short walk down the driveway to ensure the wheels are not wobbly. If the wheels are operating like that annoying grocery cart in the store you would get out your tools and try and fix it or you would lower the price. 

You want to have the same mindset when selling your home. You want to get your home looking its best. Pretend like you are having the most scrutinizing of visitors over (because you are) for a visit and get everything in top shape. Get rid of the clutter, paint the walls, and consider professional cleaning services to make your home really shine. 

Use Professional Photos

Almost all home sales begin online. Homes with professional photos stand out more. This is the first impression that potential buyers are going to get from your home. You want to make it the best one possible with high-quality photos. It can seem like taking a photo of your home is simple enough, but the pros know how to capture your home's features at just the right angles to make it stand out. 

Get Some Help

Research confirms that hiring an experienced local real estate agent is the key to success in receiving the highest possible offer on your home. Homes sold by the owner often sit on the market longer or end up selling for far less as compared to other homes in the same area by a professional. This is because homes sold with realtors are marketed to a bigger audience. There is also expert negotiating power on your side when you use a realtor. They know how to communicate with buyers' agents and buyers to get the best offer for you. 

For more information on selling your home in central PA contact me anytime. I am here to help you sell your home in less time for the best price possible. 

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