A Closer Look at Living in Shippensburg PA

Shippensburg is a borough located in both Cumberland and Franklin Counties. It is the last municipality in Cumberland County on the south. It is easily accessible on the 81 not far outside of Carlise and is often considered a sister city to Chambersburg to the south. 

A Closer Look at Living in Shippensburg PAWhat is a Borough?

If you are new to Pennsylvania and are relocating to the area, you may be wondering why Shippensburg is described as a borough. It can become confusing getting to know the local government systems of smaller areas of Central PA if you are not from here. For more insight on the matter please take a moment to read our blog explaining PA municipalities. Here is a small excerpt describing a borough: 

"A borough is a defined incorporated political subdivision that is much smaller than a city. In a large portion of Pennsylvania, boroughs have a population of under 5000 people. Though there are a few boroughs with larger populations."

Shippensburg Statistics

Shippensburg has a population of just over 5,000 people according to the website Niche.com. Niche is a website that takes statistics and reviews from areas all around the country including cities and neighborhoods and communicates the data they find through a grading system. 

Niche has graded the borough of Shippensburg at an overall B+. This is earned from a cumulative ranking when looking into the individual grades Niche has given the borough in schools, housing, crime & safety, nightlife, etc. 

The median home value in Shippensburg as of April 2024 was $153,600. This is incredibly affordable compared to the national median home value of $281,900. 

Shippensburg History

The area was first settled in 1730 by Scotts Irish immigrants. They first built cabin homes along Birds Run. Shippensburg is the first community to be formed in Cumberland Valley. It is the second oldest community located west of the Susquehanna River. The area continued to see growth and became a thriving charming colonial village, much of the historic buildings still stand in the "downtown" core. 


Shippensburg has a charming core of local shops and restaurants. There are several businesses dedicated to sharing the history of the area, the arts, and more. There is a great community pride in the borough with many events to celebrate pride in the town. The corn festival is always popular. The Shippensburg Fair is a not to miss event. 

Shippensburg University Plays a Big Role

Shippensburg University is a major presence in the borough. It is one of 14 schools in the Pennsylvania system of higher education. The school is long-standing with a founding in 1871. It is a highly regarded university offering one of only 8 Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice programs in the country. The school provides excellent further education programs as well as events entertainment and jobs to the community. It is a cultural and economic hub as well as an institute of learning. 

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