Project LampLight (PLL) is a 501C3 community compassion program that exists to help people who are struggling, by providing them with rapid financial assistance. Last year in 2021, PLL humbly served about 90 families and provided over $80,000 in support to help them in a time of need!

Here’s how it works... Everytime the Dave Hooke Team has a real estate closing, a percentage of the commission earned is donated to PLL. Our real estate team continuously asks our community relationships if they know of anyone with a random/urgent need who we can serve. When a need comes in, the PLL board sends them a short application. After receiving the completed application, the PLL board votes on a recommendation regarding the need. If approved, a check is deployed to cover all or part of the financial need for the recipient. 

All this is made possible because of our Real Estate Team’s clients, past clients, and community relationships who trust us to help them buy and sell homes. The Dave Hooke Team simply couldn’t afford to donate as much as we do without the help and support of our relationships with people like you. In short, thank you! If you know of someone that we can serve, please click the button below.

Occasionally an outside donor will want to make a generous donation to PLL. We do not seek out contributions and yet we certainly welcome them and share our gratitude for your generous gift to help those struggling in our community. If you would like to donate to Project Lamp Light, please click the button below.

Our program is set up to serve those in need anonymously and sometimes we hear back about their experience and how it has affected their lives. Below are a few responses and feedback from some of our recipients:

She was so thankful for the connection and willingness to even consider helping. - Holly
Thank you so much for this help and support for my mom. She hates asking for help but she needs to lean on people more. - Stephanie
What an awesome blessing this whole experience has been to me. - Alex
Mr. Adams would like me to tell you and your organization that he is from the bottom of his heart thankful. He also said that he doesn't even know how to tell you all how much this means to him. That it gives him a chance to work on what he needs to work on but mostly that it means so much to him for what it can do for his kids. He also said that this is a real blessing and that he hopes to be able to be in a place someday where he can do this for someone else. - Sarah
Thank you for this gift. It's a blessing to work with you all to help the families we serve within our community. Please keep the prayers coming for us! Love you guys. - Joshua
I would like to thank you, Project Lamp Light, and Rodger, so much for your wonderful blessing that will keep me from homelessness this winter. - Nancy
God bless you and your organization for your generous gift! We appreciate partnering with you to help others in our community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Thomas